Village President
Lewis Breeden 815-383-6087
Village Clerk / Treasurer:
Lori Kimmel
Bryan Bell
Will Gerber
Village Code Book

Amended Golf Cart Ordinance  Golf Cart Ordinance 16.11
   Amended after the code book above was put into print
Jerry Austman 815-848-8491 
Keith Beal 815-674-5601 
Leslie Defries 815-848-0716 
Paul Honegger 815-848-8895 
Kenny Sinnett 815-848-8764 
Ron "Tiss" Steidinger 815-867-7159 
Illinois FOIA
The Village of Forrest falls under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) provisions. Persons wishing to view or obtain copies of Village records should submit a written request to the Village Clerk's Office by mail, fax, or email. The Village has five working days to provide the records; however, certain records are exempt from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act, in which the requestor will explain in the denial.
Fees for Records
If feasible, copies of records will be provided in the format specified by the requestor. Charges for copies of records will be imposed per the following:
  • The first 50 black-and-white, letter-size, and/or legal-size pages will be copied and provided for free.
  • All letter-size and/or legal-size black-and-white copies exceeding the first 50 copies will be provided at fifteen cents per page.
  • All of the following will be provided at the Village‚Äôs actual cost for reproducing the record:
    • CDs
    • Color copies
    • Discs
    • Diskettes
    • DVDs
    • Maps
    • Oversized copies
  • Fees applicable to copies furnished in a paper format shall not apply to those records when furnished in an electronic format, except for a voluminous request. For a voluminous request where records are to be provided in an electronic record format (but not PDF), $20 up to 2 MB, $40 up to 4MB, and $100 over 4MB; if the records are in PDF format, $20 up to 80 MB; $40 up to 160 MB; and $100 for more than 160 MB of data. If the responsive electronic records are in both a portable document format and not in a portable document format, the public body may separate the fees and charge the requester under both fee scales.
Submitting a Request Access the Request: FOIA Request Form

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